Support and Sponsors

My family encouraged me when I first took up athletics, and they continue to support me today.  My husband is brilliant at helping me achieve my athletic goals and can often be found running or cycling alongside me in training, or carrying my kit at races.

I am very lucky to have Steve Jones as my coach, his knowledge and support have helped me develop as a runner over the last few years.  The other coaches I have had in the past have also been great, from my first coach David Hand, then Carol Sharp, Ian Whyte and Lindsay Dunn.

I would also like to thank my agent Brendan Reilly at Boulderwave for taking me on, and having confidence in my ability as a runner.

Scottishathletics, Sportscotland and the Scottish Institute of Sport have also been very supportive.

Adidas kit me out, and I am very grateful to them.

To help keep injuries at bay I am a regular at Life Fit Wellness ( in Falkirk for sports massage.

Credit to Alex Hewitt ( for website photography.